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About Webinar

Many national and international Conferences have been held through our Zoology department to create awareness and contribute towards the developing research and ongoing scientific advancements. The upcoming conference, which happens to be a Webinar in the light of the lockdown due to COVID 19, holds the exact motive regarding Control of mosquitoes to protect public health, by an eminent scientist Dr. Philip G. Koehler who is an endowed professor at the University of Florida and specializes in urban entomology. From the time mosquitoes are known to man, they have earned a bad repo for creating the nuisance in our lives. More than that they are known to spread numerous diseases by acting as an intermediate vector which provides us reason enough to shift our focus towards tackling the havoc set by them. One such commendable effort is being done by Dr. Philip G. Koehler as he shares and discusses his findings and theories with us through this platform.